Warranty Information


Soft Cooler Warranty

AO Soft Sided Coolers has an unbeatable warranty process. No receipt or registration is necessary.

AO Coolers offers a Limited-Lifetime Warranty on the Liner and Top Zipper of our coolers. We are happy to repair and return your cooler if it meets the following criteria:

  • Clean: We should be willing to touch your cooler without having to wear gloves
  • Dry: Coolers that are shipped and arrived wet will delay the process
  • Exterior has no major wear and tear (Based on our discretion)
Coolers that do not meet the above criteria will not be repaired and will be sent back to you.

                   *Example of a non-repairable cooler below

    Warranty expires once the exterior of the cooler becomes too weak to sew in a new liner, or zipper, and is based on our discretion. If we are unable to repair your cooler, we will offer you a discount on a new cooler. (See Cooler Replacement process below)

    Our Guarantee Covers:

    • The Liner: if the cooler leaks because of manufacture defect, or normal use we will repair the liner.

    Please note that coolers damaged by crushed cans, bottle caps, animals, dry ice, glass, or other uses are not considered normal wear and tear are not covered by our warranty. We will fix your cooler, but the fee will be $25.00. Please see Cooler Repair Instructions below and follow those including the $25.00 fee instead of the $15.00 fee.

    • The Main Zipper: This is the zipper on the top of the cooler, we do not cover the side pocket zippers.

    We will repair the main top zipper of the cooler.



    If you are returning your cooler you must include $15.00 (per cooler)  If your cooler is more than a year old, attach $15.00. Remember it's $15.00 per cooler you send back.

    • Make sure the cooler meets our repair criteria. (above)
    • Place $15.00 cash or a check made to AO Coolers inside the cooler.
    • Include a note with your name, return address, and phone number and reason for return (liner or zipper)

    Coolers less than 1 year old- liner or zipper are replaced at no charge. We use the honor-system, so we'll take your word for it. Follow the directions listed above. Do not include $15.00

    Send the cooler to:

    AO Coolers

    ATTN: Repairs
    1345 Quarry St. #102
    Corona, CA 92879



    We will take 20% off the price of the new cooler if your cooler is too old or dirty to repair.

    Just cut out a small piece of the liner and mail it back to us at:

    AO Coolers
    ATTN: Replacement
    1345 Quarry St. #102
    Corona, CA 92879

    Please include your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email address, and let us know if you would rather us email or call you with your coupon code. Your coupon code will be redeemable over the phone or online.


    Hybrid Warranty

    AO Hybrid coolers have a 3-year warranty from the original purchase date.

    The warranty covers the inside liner and top zipper of the cooler.

    The warranty does not apply to coolers damaged from negligence.


    Everest Warranty

    AO’s Rotomolded Everest has a 5-year limited warranty for manufacture defect.

    Over time AO Coolers may change and improve its products. Colors and styles of coolers will change and may no longer be in stock. If needed AO Coolers will replace the cooler with a similar product or may be replaced with a product of the same value.


    Insulated Fish Bag Warranty

    AO Marine’s insulated fish kill bag has a 3-year warranty for manufacturers' defects.  

    Over time the color/pattern and styles of the insulated fish bags may change and may no longer be in stock. If needed AO Coolers will replace the fish bag with a similar product, or it may be replaced with a product of the same value.


    Marine Inflatable Products

    AO Marine’s inflatable products that include the inflatable platform, inflatable fenders and the inflatable voyager SUP board have a 1-year warranty for manufacturers’ defects.  These products include multiple replacement parts that are available on our website.


    E-Bike Cooler Warranty

    The AO E-Bike coolers have a 3-year limited warranty from manufacturers' defects. The warranty does not apply to coolers damaged from negligence



    AO Accessories are not covered under our warranty.

    Items include AO Ice, Nu Ice, AO canteens, wine tumblers, AO tumblers and basket tote bags. These are not products manufactured by AO Coolers; therefore, we are unable to repair or replace these items.


    EVA Traction Kits

    AO EVA Traction Kits have a one year limited warranty from material defects.  
    Warranty is void from improper installation or damage from modifying, or misuse of the product.