Meet Our Influencers

Lacrecia Beurrier

Lacrecia Beurrier


I am a side x side desert racer going on 14 years now. My first race was an all women’s event benefiting breast cancer research. We still proudly wear pink on our race and play vehicles and still support the cause though we race full desert races. We live and breath off road at our house and our team consists of myself, my husband Éric and my son Trevor.

Angie Mitchell

Angie Mitchell


A wife, mother, and grandmother from Parker, Arizona, developed a love for the outdoors at a young age thanks to her father. Starting at 5, she embraced hunting, fishing, off-roading, and motorcycle riding. At 15, Angie began racing motorcycles and went on to win championships, becoming the ladies bike champion of Arizona. Over the years, she ventured into different racing vehicles such as buggies and trucks. In 2023, Angie fulfilled her dream of winning a championship in her own SXS at the Legacy Championship and continues to grind in hopes of winning more. Her inspiring journey highlights her determination and passion for racing.

Sara Price

Sara Price


Sara is a Professional Motocross and Supercross racer who has made her mark by not only making history in her racing endeavors but also in the Motocross Industry by being the first ever factory supported female racer under Monster Energy Kawasaki and a X-Games medalist. Being determined and hard working she is shooting her sights in a new direction as still continuing her racing in motocross but tackling a all new kind of racing as a Off-road race car Driver. Being a young business lady and role model, she is always striving for the best and always giving back to her community. 

Blake Smith

Blake Smith


Blake started Fishing in the IFA Redfish Tour and IFA Lucas Oil Pro-Am as a pro in 2013. In 2015, Blake found himself with opportunities to become one of the only cross-over professionals in the industry, Fresh and Saltwater. This came shortly after posting a second-place Angler of the Year that same year in the Pro-Ams. This success led to Blake making a full-time crossover to the FLW Tour in 2016, and the rest has been history. Since 2016, Blake has fished on the FLW Tour, Major League Fishing Pro Circuit, and now the Bassmaster Elite Qualifier series across the U.S.

David Pulley

David Pulley


I’m a professional supercross athlete, competing in the AMA Monster Energy Supercross Championship. Residing in Murrieta, CA. I started riding at 8 years old. Racing at 10 years old. Currently ranked in the top 40 in the 250 West 250 region.




Hi I’m Adria, a female angler who has been fishing since a young age. I am born and raised in Miami where I grew my passion for fishing and grew up fishing from piers to bridges in the Florida Keys. In 2019 I started a Fishing YouTube channel where I showed the world my fishing experiences. Since I have a strong passion for this industry back in 2020 I became a licensed US Coast Guard Captain where I now run Fishing Charters out of Venice, FL.


Zoe Schriner


I'm a 9-year-old Jet Ski Racer from Riverside County, and I'm following in the footsteps of my father, who is also a jet ski racer. I am determined to succeed in this thrilling sport and make a name for myself. Join me on my journey as I chase my dreams and ride the waves with passion and a true racer's spirit!

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Ciaran Naran


Ciaran Naran, an avid two-wheel enthusiast who recently secured the top spot in the exhilarating San Felipe 250 race. Fueled by passion and determination, I am committed to carving out a name for myself and achieving success in this thrilling sport. Join me as I continue to pursue my dreams, push boundaries, and conquer new heights in the world of off-road racing!


Erick Kozin


I'm Erick Kozin, the proud owner of Kozin Motorsports. As a passionate off-road enthusiast and UTV racer, I've had the incredible opportunity to race in Baja countless times and take on multiple San Felipe 250 races. With an unwavering love for the off-road world and a thirst for adventure, I'm constantly seeking new challenges and pushing the limits of what's possible. Join me as I continue to live out my passion!

UCF Bass Fishing Team


The UCF Bass Fishing team was established in 2006 by students who had a passion and a desire to fish at the collegiate level, in MLF, BASS, and Bass Pro college tournaments all across the country. As collegiate fishermen, the team members uphold a code of conduct that distinguishes who we are as a team and what our goals are, not only in order to become better anglers but better individuals as well.