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Shreddy x American Outdoors

by AO Coolers 01 Jul 2024

SHREDDY Unveils Exclusive Cooler Collaboration with American Outdoors: A Fusion of Action Sports and Durability

SHREDDY, the brainchild of Aaron Birdwell and Blake Wilkey, proudly announces its latest venture: a dynamic collaboration in the realm of coolers, blending their signature action sports flair with top-tier durability in partnership with American Outdoors (AO) Coolers.

Established in 2016 within Aaron Birdwell's kitchen, with the unwavering support of Blake Wilkey's creative inspiration, SHREDDY swiftly evolved from a grassroots endeavor into a global sensation. Their journey began humbly, crafting apparel adorned with the iconic “OG Bug” post-Urban Assault 1, a testament to their passion for action sports and camaraderie.

Driven by Aaron's creative ingenuity and Blake's fervent devotion to action sports, Shreddy quickly gained momentum, captivating audiences worldwide with their mantra: "Made for Shredders, By Shredders."

Today, SHREDDY proudly unveils its latest creation: an AO Cooler Collaboration that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Featuring the renowned "Cracked" SHREDDY pattern, each cooler is meticulously dyed and handcrafted in the USA, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability.

Designed to cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, this collaboration boasts the American Outdoors' most sought-after cooler size, with a capacity to accommodate 24 cans alongside 14 lbs. of ice. Each cooler comes with a removable shoulder strap, providing unparalleled convenience for on-the-go adventures.

Aaron Birdwell reflects on this milestone, stating, "Our collaboration with American Outdoors represents the culmination of years of dedication to our craft and our unwavering commitment to delivering products that resonate with the action sports community. We're excited to unveil this Cooler Collaboration and provide enthusiasts with a durable, high-quality solution for their outdoor adventures."

Blake Wilkey echoes this sentiment, adding, "As lifelong enthusiasts of action sports, we understand the importance of gear that can keep up with the demands of our lifestyle. With this collaboration, we've merged style and functionality to create a product that embodies the essence of SHREDDY."

For those looking to elevate their outdoor experience with a touch of SHREDDY signature style, the Cooler Collaboration is now available for purchase on the SHREDDY website and the American Outdoors website Grab yours now and gear up for your next adventure in style!

Stay tuned to SHREDDY's social media channels for the latest updates and exclusive promotions.

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