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Supreme x American Outdoors

by AO Coolers 20 Jun 2024

Supreme Teams Up with American Outdoors for Exclusive Trebark Edition

American Outdoors has been selected by Supreme to create a unique cooler featuring a fashion-forward pattern called Trebark. This collaboration combines American Outdoors rugged functionality with Supreme's iconic style, resulting in a product that appeals to people on the go and streetwear fans. The limited-edition cooler promises to be a must-have item, blending practicality with fashion and design.

Supreme's limited-edition releases create significant demand and hype among fans, and the brand's collaborations with various artists, designers, and other brands further cement its status in the fashion world. This partnership with American Outdoors continues Supreme's innovative and exciting collaboration tradition.


 The collaboration available from this partnership is the American Outdoors Trebark edition cooler. Offered in a 24-pack, this cooler features the iconic Trebark camouflage pattern, which is perfect for both outdoor adventures and urban settings. The cooler combines Supreme's stylish aesthetics with the durability and functionality American Outdoors is known for, making it an ideal companion for those who are always on the go. American Outdoor x Supreme Cooler is a limited-edition product and can be found on the Supreme website while supplies last.

The Trebark pattern, designed by Jim Crumley in Virginia in 1980, is renowned for his camouflage patterns and outdoor lifestyle design. This long time pattern is favored by the forward fashion community, hunters, anglers, and enthusiasts on the go. The TreBark pattern is an innovative design that provides effective concealment in outdoor environments..

American Outdoors is known for its collaborative efforts. This partnership with Supreme gives other brands a proven track record in design direction, manufacturing capabilities, and end-to-end logistics, with a seamless turnkey process. American Outdoors is a trusted partner for brands seeking to extend their product lines with portable cooler solutions, bringing innovative and high-quality products to market.

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