Mossy Oak Small Family Pack - 12, 24, 36 packs

Mossy Oak Small Family Pack

Mossy Oak Quad Pack - 12, 24, 36, 48 packs

Mossy Oak Quad Pack

Mossy Oak Large Family Pack

Small Family Pack Mossy Oak Coolers

Includes (3) Coolers (1) 24 Pack (1) 36 Pack (1) 48 Pack

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Removable shoulder strap

Clip-down ends

Twice the insulation of other soft-sided coolers

Holds ice about twice as long as other soft-sided coolers

Leak-proof liner

A side pocket for dry items

Use For: Picnics, case for binoculars, camera-bag, lunches, daytrips

Bringing an item for dinner or a potlock? Use this cooler to keep things warm as well

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