AO "Cooler Shock" (Large)

AO "Cooler Shock" (Small)

Accelerates Cooling Colder Than Ice No Watery Mess, Reusable Frosty Cold Drinks Non-Hazardous, No Spoilage Lasts 24-48 Hrs
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AO Cooler Shock gets your food and beverages colder faster due to the bags specific design for high energy transfer, the large surface area of the bag, and the fact that AO Cooler Shock is colder than ice. Ice is typically at 31-32°F while it is at 18°F for extended periods. Items in your cooler actually get colder. Check out our section about why it’s colder detailing the concept of phase change for more information. With our ice packs being colder and having a larger surface area, they can absorb heat from your food and beverages very quickly, while the ice pack stays at a constant cold temperature of 18°F. This causes accelerated cooling, since the packs aggressively cool your items, while not getting warmer themselves. It can be compared to using a gallon of gas in a race car versus a 4-cylinder compact car. The same gallon of gas can be made to perform very aggressively. Once the items come down in temperature, less energy is needed to keep them cool, so AO Cooler Shock continues to perform better than ice.
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